PCT50 – 789 – Whitney & Bishop

After leaving Kennedy Meadows, despite some pretty crazy elevation, we still made good time except for logistical problems. Cow Creek Following the trail up the canyon from Kennedy Meadows, it finally started to look like a new kind of terrain. The steep canyon walls and tree-lined slopes expanded out into a broad, grassy valley. We … Continue reading PCT50 – 789 – Whitney & Bishop


PCT43 – 702 – Kennedy Meadows

Everyone gets a well-earned round of applause from the hiker trash inhabiting the deck of the general store. Even at 9 a.m. After all, it's been 702 miles, more or less. One quarter of the Trail completed, and this is the ceremonial, if not actual, end of the desert. Nobody was really looking forward to … Continue reading PCT43 – 702 – Kennedy Meadows

PCT40 – 652 – Lake Isabella

The days are starting to blur a little. Its getting harder and harder to do these summaries without going back to my notes. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, I think we're all a little beat down and suffering from a little Trail Depression. I have lost 16 lbs since I … Continue reading PCT40 – 652 – Lake Isabella

PCT34 – 566 – Tehachapi

After forcing ourselves to take a full 24-hour break at Hiker Heaven, we reluctantly trudged out and headed north. Luckily, the day was still cool and we were still in a pretty foggy weather pattern. It made the otherwise steep, featureless grind a little less sucky. I'm not sure if it's because my feet hurt … Continue reading PCT34 – 566 – Tehachapi

PCT28 – 454 – Agua Dulce

(Warning, picture heavy post) "I have no memory of this place", said the Smokebeard.  No longer the Greybeard leading the Fellowship, I'm now just another old, slow hiker.  And it turns out that is just fine. After doing many chores and eating a lot of food, we all managed to get out of Wrightwood at … Continue reading PCT28 – 454 – Agua Dulce

PCT23 – 369 – Wrightwood

No snow, please We woke up early but there were two inches of snow on the ground, so we all rolled over and went back to sleep. Once we got up, we started feverishly watching the weather report, praying that it would clear by noon.  We had taken a full day off and were eager … Continue reading PCT23 – 369 – Wrightwood