PCT89 – 1411 – Halfway, geysers, and Hat Creek Rim

This will be another weird and slightly disjointed post. While the hotel I'm at has Wi-Fi, of course it sucks and so uploading pictures is a pain.  Because the WordPress app on my phone is still all crashy, editing this post is a nightmare.  Using the non-Mobile version of WordPress is downright maddening.   There's a … Continue reading PCT89 – 1411 – Halfway, geysers, and Hat Creek Rim


PCT28 – 454 – Agua Dulce

(Warning, picture heavy post) "I have no memory of this place", said the Smokebeard.  No longer the Greybeard leading the Fellowship, I'm now just another old, slow hiker.  And it turns out that is just fine. After doing many chores and eating a lot of food, we all managed to get out of Wrightwood at … Continue reading PCT28 – 454 – Agua Dulce

PCT17 – 266 – Big Bear

So long Idy, hello Big Bear Getting back on the trail from Idyllwild is always a bit of a challenge. There are at least three ways out of town that connect to different points on PCT. Depending on your level of Trail Purity, where you are staying in Idyllwild, and what you feel like doing, … Continue reading PCT17 – 266 – Big Bear

Rewind: Pemigewasset Memorial Day 2013

Gather round boys and girls, and hear the tale of my trip through the Pemigewasset Wilderness back in '13. I wanted to try and get a hike in the Whites before the mobs came, so I drove up early the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend.   By the time I got to the parking … Continue reading Rewind: Pemigewasset Memorial Day 2013

PCT+9 = Homeward Bound

Not a bad way to spend 40 days. I suppose.  Final tally, 19 days of hiking, 369 miles. 21 days of travel, broken bones, thorns, mammoths and boardwalk ice cream cones.  Decent, although I can't quite decide if going slower would have helped the feet.  I think not.  And, then I would have missed many … Continue reading PCT+9 = Homeward Bound

PCT28 – stuck inside of Wrightwood, with the Tehachapi blues again

As charming as Wrightwood is, and as super friendly as the people are, it's starting to wear thin.  Not much to report. The foot is still bad; can't put much weight on it.  It has gotten less bad, though, so we'll see.  Monday it might be time for an xray, if it's a stress fracture, … Continue reading PCT28 – stuck inside of Wrightwood, with the Tehachapi blues again

PCT23 – mile 369 – Wrightwood

Video updates - new stuff and some older stuff uploaded to my youtube channel, which you can get to from the top of the page. I got in and out of the Big Bears without too much hassle.  The hassle was getting around in and between the two towns .  My packages were in Big … Continue reading PCT23 – mile 369 – Wrightwood