PCT musings – 10 signs you’re in NorCal

One day, July somehow happened. The fourth calendar month I've been out here. I looked around and realized this was new trail. If, like me, you feel like you're lost or on the wrong trail, don't worry, you might just be in NorCal. Here's a handy checklist to see if you are: 1 No snow … Continue reading PCT musings – 10 signs you’re in NorCal


PCT83 – 1284 – coasting into Belden Town

Frying on the way out of Sierra City As those of you who follow my Instagram account (@edthesmokebeard) know, I am convinced that the 3000 ft, 8 mile climb out of Sierra City was put there on purpose by an angry god. Most hikers at least partially believe in Trail Jesus, the being or power … Continue reading PCT83 – 1284 – coasting into Belden Town

PCT82 – 1195 – Sierra City

Just a twelve mile stroll How does that old song go? What a difference a day makes? I woke up at the hostel, gorged myself at the Driftwood Cafe, took my third shower, and was ready to go by noon. Rene from the other day had given me her number and told me to call … Continue reading PCT82 – 1195 – Sierra City

PCT72 – 1090 – South Lake Tahoe and the beginning of NorCal

This final chapter of Book Three will be pretty short. From Kennedy Meadows North to South Lake Tahoe is only 78 miles. How am I doing? I have been better. Pushing big days is taking its toll, both physically and mentally. The feet are reblistering after my daily Sierra foot soak. I think I'm also … Continue reading PCT72 – 1090 – South Lake Tahoe and the beginning of NorCal

PCT61 – 904 – Mammoth

The Bishop to Mammoth Lakes stretch is challenging for a whole host of reasons. Firstly it's long, about a hundred sixteen miles. Secondly, you go over a high pass almost every day which puts a serious dent in the mileage you can do. Lastly, you also have to keep the eight or nine days of … Continue reading PCT61 – 904 – Mammoth

PCT50 – 789 – Whitney & Bishop

After leaving Kennedy Meadows, despite some pretty crazy elevation, we still made good time except for logistical problems. Cow Creek Following the trail up the canyon from Kennedy Meadows, it finally started to look like a new kind of terrain. The steep canyon walls and tree-lined slopes expanded out into a broad, grassy valley. We … Continue reading PCT50 – 789 – Whitney & Bishop

PCT43 – 702 – Kennedy Meadows

Everyone gets a well-earned round of applause from the hiker trash inhabiting the deck of the general store. Even at 9 a.m. After all, it's been 702 miles, more or less. One quarter of the Trail completed, and this is the ceremonial, if not actual, end of the desert. Nobody was really looking forward to … Continue reading PCT43 – 702 – Kennedy Meadows