PCT2018 Gear List

(Originally published at The Trek) I have a few purchases left to make, but right now my gear list is pretty solid. Pack weight is just at 13 lbs, and that includes a 1 lb fudge-factor for things like chapstick, extra clothes added at the last minute, the weight of my pen, money, and other … Continue reading PCT2018 Gear List


Old Guy Music: Hiking Tunes from my PCT Jukebox

(Reposted from The Trek) I don't listen to music while I hike, for a few practical reasons.  I don't want to use the battery on my phone, I don't want to deal with sweaty headphones, and I want to hear rattlesnakes before I step on them.  After 46 trips around the sun, I have a … Continue reading Old Guy Music: Hiking Tunes from my PCT Jukebox

Why? Because I choose to

Originally posted to The Trek at https://thetrek.co/pacific-crest-trail/why-choose-the-pct/ Why When I tell people I'm off to California for six months to hike from Mexico to Canada, I invariably get one of two responses.   Half the people come back with something like, "Wow, I wish I could do that."   The others respond,  "Why would you do that?" I … Continue reading Why? Because I choose to

New Year, New Plan, New Blog

I've been invited to write for The Trek, a thruhiking blog site!    This new site is going to be the primary source for my PCT musings, but don't worry, this site will remain, to chronicle my other hiking adventures.   I'll also be cross-publishing my Trek blogs here, so if you want to, stay tuned.  … Continue reading New Year, New Plan, New Blog

Counting my chickens, thru-hiker style – PCT2018!

After last year's aborted attempt due to a broken foot, I'm trying again!   Once more my wife is being super supportive, and we're getting things lined up for a 5-6 month absence.  There's a ton of house chores to do, and a big project - chicken run, to complete.   Work is going to have to … Continue reading Counting my chickens, thru-hiker style – PCT2018!

Flashback – AT99 – April 28

Thank you Thomas Smith, even though you were 'colored', you fought for our country. Managed to escape Pearisburg - or forced myself to leave.   Terrible weather + great church hostel w/ woodstove.   Pearisburg is an interesting place - this picture is from downtown. Only 7.3 today, at Rice Shelter.   Not To Worry … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 28

Flashback – AT99 – Apr 24

Jenny Knob Shelter, N of Bland, VA.  17.3 today. Here with Dodger, who isn't annoying at the moment.  Had a long, dusty day, but it wasn't too bad - mostly flat.  VA is nice. Feet are bugging me, so I called in a Campmor order including some new Superfeet.   Also a smaller fuel bottle, … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – Apr 24