For inspiration, a PCT2017 photo montage

Unemployed and taking a break from pre-hike chores, I started digging through my pictures from last year.   To psych myself up, I've put together a kind of highlight reel.   Photo montages with soundtracks are supposedly so last century, but then again, I'm kind of last century. Without further ado.  Featured hikers: Cosmo, Prickle, Larry, Redshift, Utah … Continue reading For inspiration, a PCT2017 photo montage


PCT2017 Mileage Math

Second in the series of meta-posts, here's some math around how much hiking I did.   Note that I've skipped the days spent in Idyllwild pulling thorn things out of my feet as zeroes, these are just the hiking days. The Google sheets link is here: TL;DR - Average miles/day just under 20, peak … Continue reading PCT2017 Mileage Math

Gear List & Review

I've had a bunch of people ask me about gear, so I thought I'd share what I used on the PCT2017 trip.   Outside of a few trinkets, my famous tampon-case first-aid kit, and 1 Patagonia shirt, nothing has survived from my AT1999 trip. Pack - Osprey Exos 58.   Verdict: Loved it.   A … Continue reading Gear List & Review

PCT+9 = Homeward Bound

Not a bad way to spend 40 days. I suppose.  Final tally, 19 days of hiking, 369 miles. 21 days of travel, broken bones, thorns, mammoths and boardwalk ice cream cones.  Decent, although I can't quite decide if going slower would have helped the feet.  I think not.  And, then I would have missed many … Continue reading PCT+9 = Homeward Bound

PCT+2 + 3 = SEKI + Fab Four

Wednesday After a terrible night listening to trains, I got up and out before the park sprinklers came on.  Following my phone, I descended into the hot, brown haze of Bakersfield and the Central Valley.  As someone once said, "It's a good place to stop for gas, but not much else." It was like driving … Continue reading PCT+2 + 3 = SEKI + Fab Four

PCT+1 = Tehachapi

Getting out of Wrightwood was harder than it should have been.  First there was breakfast, and then second breakfast to be had.  The cinnamon rolls are not to be trtifled with.  Then I discovered the bus schedule is merely a suggestion, as the bus can be diverted if you call ahead.  I started hitching, and … Continue reading PCT+1 = Tehachapi