2002 Caretaker season logs – Piazza Rock, Maine

I found my old logbook from when I was a caretaker at the Piazza Rock shelter area on the Appalachian Trail in Maine.  What a terrific experience, it really opened my eyes to Leave No Trace as a philosophy, and the overall effect that small impacts have when multiplied by hundreds.  I spoke to hundreds … Continue reading 2002 Caretaker season logs – Piazza Rock, Maine


Leaving no trace in paradise

Digging through some old hiking photos from Hawaii, I was struck how similar the trail is to New England, despite having probably 1/100 of the traffic.   That volcanic soil just can't take the abuse, similar to the thin layer of soil on top of the mineral soils covering the mountains of the Northeast.  Just like … Continue reading Leaving no trace in paradise

Weighed in the scales and (not?) found wanting

Heading up to the Adirondacks again, and I thought I'd weigh in, literally.   We bought a kitchen scale recently to help with big batches of canning, and it has a good capacity and resolution.   And its a quiet, hazy afternoon, nothing better than getting your gear sorted.(Jake the Wonder Dog assisting)Short version: Base weight = … Continue reading Weighed in the scales and (not?) found wanting

Adirondack Trip May 2015

  4 down, 7 out of 46 to go. I got up to Keene Valley at about 10am on Saturday, rented one of those bear cannisters at The Mountaineer, then drove back S to the Elk Lake Preserve to hike Macomb.   A nice flat trail, wet, and then the slide started.   It wasn't a pure … Continue reading Adirondack Trip May 2015

Second quinzhee attempt, Winter: 1, Ed: 1

As I previously wrote here http://faint-traces.blogspot.com/2015/02/first-attempt-at-quinzhee-winter1-ed0.html, I have been looking to sharpen my winter hiking skills.   The first attempt consisted of piling up snow, letting it sinter, then hollowing it out.  The results were positive, although I learned that a) you get soaked and b) to do it right you need a big pile and … Continue reading Second quinzhee attempt, Winter: 1, Ed: 1

MSR Revo Explore 25 review

Disclaimer: I've never snowshoed before, and have no experience, other than selling them when I worked at an outfitter a very long time ago. Before I begin, kudos to LL Bean - for the 10% off online shopping, the free shipping, and the 2-day delivery even though they had said 7 days. I bought the … Continue reading MSR Revo Explore 25 review