Trip Report – Parker Woodland

I've spent the past few weekends rambling in the Parker Woodland Audubon preserve here in western RI.   There's 2 great things about it, in addition to being a short drive: no dogs, and no hunting.  It's perfect for going off trail and doing a little bushwhack practice. If you only want pictures, look here: … Continue reading Trip Report – Parker Woodland

Trip Report: RI North South Trail

Over the holiday weekend I thru-hiked the Rhode Island North/South Trail, a 78 mile path from the Atlantic Ocean to the RI/MA border in Burrillville, RI. Total time: approx 3.5 days Total mileage: approx 80 miles including travel from the trailhead If you JUST want pictures, the full album is here (on my personal server, … Continue reading Trip Report: RI North South Trail

Looking to improve your hiking performance? Drop some weight

Gear Most people, even active people, could stand to lose a few pounds.   While there's a lot of time spent on gearmongering and swapping steel for titanium, let's look at what weighs what.  "A pound on the foot is like 5 on the back" they say.   What about "a pound off the belly … Continue reading Looking to improve your hiking performance? Drop some weight

Leaving no trace in paradise

Digging through some old hiking photos from Hawaii, I was struck how similar the trail is to New England, despite having probably 1/100 of the traffic.   That volcanic soil just can't take the abuse, similar to the thin layer of soil on top of the mineral soils covering the mountains of the Northeast.  Just like … Continue reading Leaving no trace in paradise

Weighed in the scales and (not?) found wanting

Heading up to the Adirondacks again, and I thought I'd weigh in, literally.   We bought a kitchen scale recently to help with big batches of canning, and it has a good capacity and resolution.   And its a quiet, hazy afternoon, nothing better than getting your gear sorted.(Jake the Wonder Dog assisting)Short version: Base weight = … Continue reading Weighed in the scales and (not?) found wanting