Comfort items – take an ounce, leave an ounce

(Originally posted on The Trek) As I mentioned before, I'm at the final kitchen-sink phase of packing for the hike.   The last few bits and extra things that might come in handy; spare hair elastics, for instance, or a silnylon pouch to help organize all my foot-care stuff.   I've made some changes to the overall … Continue reading Comfort items – take an ounce, leave an ounce


PCT2018 Gear List

(Originally published at The Trek) I have a few purchases left to make, but right now my gear list is pretty solid. Pack weight is just at 13 lbs, and that includes a 1 lb fudge-factor for things like chapstick, extra clothes added at the last minute, the weight of my pen, money, and other … Continue reading PCT2018 Gear List

New Year, New Plan, New Blog

I've been invited to write for The Trek, a thruhiking blog site!    This new site is going to be the primary source for my PCT musings, but don't worry, this site will remain, to chronicle my other hiking adventures.   I'll also be cross-publishing my Trek blogs here, so if you want to, stay tuned.  … Continue reading New Year, New Plan, New Blog

Rewind: Pemigewasset Memorial Day 2013

Gather round boys and girls, and hear the tale of my trip through the Pemigewasset Wilderness back in '13. I wanted to try and get a hike in the Whites before the mobs came, so I drove up early the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend.   By the time I got to the parking … Continue reading Rewind: Pemigewasset Memorial Day 2013

Trip Report – Parker Woodland

I've spent the past few weekends rambling in the Parker Woodland Audubon preserve here in western RI.   There's 2 great things about it, in addition to being a short drive: no dogs, and no hunting.  It's perfect for going off trail and doing a little bushwhack practice. If you only want pictures, look here: … Continue reading Trip Report – Parker Woodland

Trip Report – Borders Farm South

If you just want pictures, they're here: As part of a plan to reroute the North South Trail onto Foster town Land Trust land, I spent some time on the southern portion of the property owned by Borders Farm.   Earlier I had walked the property with the farm manager, but wanted to come back … Continue reading Trip Report – Borders Farm South

Trip Report: RI North South Trail

Over the holiday weekend I thru-hiked the Rhode Island North/South Trail, a 78 mile path from the Atlantic Ocean to the RI/MA border in Burrillville, RI. Total time: approx 3.5 days Total mileage: approx 80 miles including travel from the trailhead If you JUST want pictures, the full album is here. Overall, a great … Continue reading Trip Report: RI North South Trail