Hiking closer to home: Foster Land Trust Hayfield property

I took a few hours the other evening to do a stroll through some tame woods in Foster, RI.   The property was left to the Town Land Trust some years ago, and has recently had its old roads and game trails blazed. The map is here.   No major elevations, just a stroll through … Continue reading Hiking closer to home: Foster Land Trust Hayfield property


One man’s trash … is another man’s trash

Microtrash is always a big problem, and rare is the trip I take without coming home with a cargo-pants pocket full of it.  Common offenders are cigarette butts, corners of Clif/Snickers/Nature Valley bars, crumbs of those ubiquitous blue foam pads, and the occasional bandaid.  Note, I never pick up toilet paper, so ladies, please try … Continue reading One man’s trash … is another man’s trash

Walk in the Woods – and bring your flak jacket

It was a beautiful day, so I did some tramping in the uplands behind the property.   It's old farmland, now regrown, and logged for hardwoods about 25 years ago.   Great old stone walls, some interesting ruts and leftover trees from the logging operations, and some trails - some manmade, some machinemade, and some game trails.Nice, … Continue reading Walk in the Woods – and bring your flak jacket

Bison: 1, Woman: 0

Genius discovers that wild animals are wild."...they knew they were doing something wrong but thought it was OK because other people were nearby..."Translation: "I'm choosing to be irresponsible because others will step in to save me." Best part:"They tried to run, but the bison caught the woman and tossed her with its head."It's a 2000lb … Continue reading Bison: 1, Woman: 0

Wolf "mistaken for coyote" shot in Utah

A coyote hunter killed a wild wolf which had moved from the Grand Canyon area back into its historic range.  Coyote can be "shot on sight" in Utah.  Commercial ranching and misinformation place incredible pressure on grey wolves and coyote, yet wolves and other wild canid species are critical for the health of the environment.  … Continue reading Wolf "mistaken for coyote" shot in Utah

Peeing in the shower – "Go With The Flow"

Urinating in the shower saves water and paper waste, also reduces point-source pollution ("the solution to pollution is dilution", allowing for natural environmental processes to break it down.  I'm not sure I could do it though.Kids at East Anglia University in England are promoting this - it would save swimmingpoolsfull of water each year.http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-29552557Where I … Continue reading Peeing in the shower – "Go With The Flow"

Firefighters in western Hampden County came to the rescue of four hikers who became lost in the woods on Thursday evening.

http://www.nbcnews.com/id/54865661/ns/local_news-springfield_ma/t/hikers-rescued-after-search-chester/"Fristik said that firefighters had to go through some very steep and difficult terrain in their efforts to find the other two hikers."Know your route, take proper gear.   People risk life and limb to save you.