Rewind: Pemigewasset Memorial Day 2013

Gather round boys and girls, and hear the tale of my trip through the Pemigewasset Wilderness back in '13. I wanted to try and get a hike in the Whites before the mobs came, so I drove up early the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend.   By the time I got to the parking … Continue reading Rewind: Pemigewasset Memorial Day 2013


Moonlight Hike at Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Had a great time snowshoeing down old farm roads in the Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge in Exeter, RI.    Along with 14 other ramblers and our guide, Laura, did a no-flashlights walk through old farm lands, now reforested, to a large open field.   There we were serenaded by two coyote packs (and one far … Continue reading Moonlight Hike at Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Trip Report – Parker Woodland

I've spent the past few weekends rambling in the Parker Woodland Audubon preserve here in western RI.   There's 2 great things about it, in addition to being a short drive: no dogs, and no hunting.  It's perfect for going off trail and doing a little bushwhack practice. If you only want pictures, look here: … Continue reading Trip Report – Parker Woodland

Crosspost: 2002 MATC caretaker logs

For anyone following this blog, I thought this might interest some people.   Cross-posting from my LNT blog. I spent a summer as a Shelter caretaker, LNT instructor, and Summit Steward on Saddleback Mtn, the 2nd largest alpine zone in Maine after Katahdin. +1, would do again  

Composting Privvies – how do they work?

During my summer as a Maine Appalachian Trail caretaker, I was "privileged" to take part in an event called "a mixer".   All 4 caretakers, plus some MATC volunteers, converged on the Horns Pond shelter area for a mid-year roundtable summit, a bit of a swim, and some hard, disgusting labor. Horns Pond is high … Continue reading Composting Privvies – how do they work?