Bison: 1, Woman: 0

Genius discovers that wild animals are wild."...they knew they were doing something wrong but thought it was OK because other people were nearby..."Translation: "I'm choosing to be irresponsible because others will step in to save me." Best part:"They tried to run, but the bison caught the woman and tossed her with its head."It's a 2000lb … Continue reading Bison: 1, Woman: 0


Adirondack Trip – Street, Nye, Allen and Cliff

  This past weekend I knocked off 4 more of the High Peaks, all "trailless" - which means no signs, and no maintenance, but hardly a bushwhack. Pics are here: I started parked at South Meadows about a mile from the Adirondak Loj, hiked the road, then climbed up Street & Nye.   Generally … Continue reading Adirondack Trip – Street, Nye, Allen and Cliff

Foster Earth Day Cleanup, part 2

The results are in:We did about 275 people and we disposed of 20,407 pounds of household hazardous waste, included was 9 thermostats and  15 pounds of mercury, 150 pounds of bulbs, 75 pounds of CFLs and 15 pounds of sharps.  Also this number does not include any paint disposed of under the Paintcare program (probably … Continue reading Foster Earth Day Cleanup, part 2

Peeing in the shower – "Go With The Flow"

Urinating in the shower saves water and paper waste, also reduces point-source pollution ("the solution to pollution is dilution", allowing for natural environmental processes to break it down.  I'm not sure I could do it though.Kids at East Anglia University in England are promoting this - it would save swimmingpoolsfull of water each year. I … Continue reading Peeing in the shower – "Go With The Flow"