Counting my chickens, thru-hiker style – PCT2018!

After last year's aborted attempt due to a broken foot, I'm trying again!   Once more my wife is being super supportive, and we're getting things lined up for a 5-6 month absence.  There's a ton of house chores to do, and a big project - chicken run, to complete.   Work is going to have to … Continue reading Counting my chickens, thru-hiker style – PCT2018!


MSR Revo Explore 25 review

Disclaimer: I've never snowshoed before, and have no experience, other than selling them when I worked at an outfitter a very long time ago. Before I begin, kudos to LL Bean - for the 10% off online shopping, the free shipping, and the 2-day delivery even though they had said 7 days. I bought the … Continue reading MSR Revo Explore 25 review