Flashback – AT99 – April 28

Thank you Thomas Smith, even though you were 'colored', you fought for our country. Managed to escape Pearisburg - or forced myself to leave.   Terrible weather + great church hostel w/ woodstove.   Pearisburg is an interesting place - this picture is from downtown. Only 7.3 today, at Rice Shelter.   Not To Worry … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 28


Flashback – AT99 – Apr 24

Jenny Knob Shelter, N of Bland, VA.  17.3 today. Here with Dodger, who isn't annoying at the moment.  Had a long, dusty day, but it wasn't too bad - mostly flat.  VA is nice. Feet are bugging me, so I called in a Campmor order including some new Superfeet.   Also a smaller fuel bottle, … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – Apr 24

Flashback – AT99 – April 18

Wise Shelter - Grayson Highlands Great day!   Cloudy and gloomy, with flurries.  Once I got past Mt Rogers (highest in VA) the trail entered a big heath, with few trees and a lot of big open spaces.  Very remote and desolate, it reminded me a little of northern England, or some of the more … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 18

Flashback – AT99 – April 15

Damascus!   The promised land.    (note the picture is recent - there was a call out for money because the Place had been falling down, I think people raised something like $40K to fix it up!) Pulled 18 to get here, after waiting out the rain until 9:30am.  Why get wet?   Saw my … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 15

Flashback – AT99 – Apr 12

Watauga Lake Shelter Chilly, 40 deg F, clear. Walked all day with Oreo (the dog I rescued/fed/adopted).  Went through Laurel Fork Gorge - very cool w/ a big waterfall.  Dog and I had a bit of a swim.   After some reroute, today ended up at 16.4 miles.  Hiked all day alone, awesome.  There was … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – Apr 12

Flashback – AT99 – April 10

Ended up doing 15.1 today due to a 1998 reroute.   The problem with using a 1997 book.  Did the "Roan Groan", 2.3 miles and 2300 feet of pure constant up.   Pigpen did it with me, and man can that little 10 year old kid hike.   Rolled in and Pete Iossi was here … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 10

Flashback – AT99 – April 5

A.M. Well, lame.  The combination of daylight savings time and Sheltowee being an insensitive jerk kept him, Hosehead and Little Engine up and giggling until 10pm or so last night.   At 9:30 I grabbed my stuff and went off behind the shelter & flopped down.  Now the sleeping bag is soaked with dew.   … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 5