Flashback – AT99 – April 28

Thank you Thomas Smith, even though you were 'colored', you fought for our country. Managed to escape Pearisburg - or forced myself to leave.   Terrible weather + great church hostel w/ woodstove.   Pearisburg is an interesting place - this picture is from downtown. Only 7.3 today, at Rice Shelter.   Not To Worry … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 28


Flashback – AT99 – Apr 24

Jenny Knob Shelter, N of Bland, VA.  17.3 today. Here with Dodger, who isn't annoying at the moment.  Had a long, dusty day, but it wasn't too bad - mostly flat.  VA is nice. Feet are bugging me, so I called in a Campmor order including some new Superfeet.   Also a smaller fuel bottle, … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – Apr 24

Flashback – AT99 – April 18

Wise Shelter - Grayson Highlands Great day!   Cloudy and gloomy, with flurries.  Once I got past Mt Rogers (highest in VA) the trail entered a big heath, with few trees and a lot of big open spaces.  Very remote and desolate, it reminded me a little of northern England, or some of the more … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 18

Flashback – AT99 – April 15

Damascus!   The promised land.    (note the picture is recent - there was a call out for money because the Place had been falling down, I think people raised something like $40K to fix it up!) Pulled 18 to get here, after waiting out the rain until 9:30am.  Why get wet?   Saw my … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 15

Flashback – AT99 – Apr 12

Watauga Lake Shelter Chilly, 40 deg F, clear. Walked all day with Oreo (the dog I rescued/fed/adopted).  Went through Laurel Fork Gorge - very cool w/ a big waterfall.  Dog and I had a bit of a swim.   After some reroute, today ended up at 16.4 miles.  Hiked all day alone, awesome.  There was … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – Apr 12

Flashback – AT99 – April 5

A.M. Well, lame.  The combination of daylight savings time and Sheltowee being an insensitive jerk kept him, Hosehead and Little Engine up and giggling until 10pm or so last night.   At 9:30 I grabbed my stuff and went off behind the shelter & flopped down.  Now the sleeping bag is soaked with dew.   … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – April 5