Oh, what’ll you do now, my blue-eyed son?

After a week of rest with dimimishing returns, Trail Angel Rich got me into a radiology place.  It’s official, a Jones fracture, non-displaced at least.  Weeks of feet-up rehab.  My theory is that the massive spill on day3 left some damage that strangely was not healed by 16 more 20 mile days.

(Picture taken from Wikipedia, since mine are on CD and no computer here has a drive)

I can get to LAX in a day, and 1 day, 1 way plane tickets really aren’t that pricey.  But I’ve heard the SoCal coast is nice, and I know a few hikers that could use rides, so I might stick around for a few with a rental, giving some karma back.


8 thoughts on “Oh, what’ll you do now, my blue-eyed son?

  1. Oh, Eddy, I’m so sorry this happened. Your attitude is wonderful, and I’m so impressed. Our thoughts are with you. Take care.


  2. Oh, Ed, so sorry to hear this! If it’s any compensation, that’s the most common fracture! Often happens to soldiers who have long marches. Enjoy California for a while.


  3. I’m so sorry Ed!! I was enjoying following along… staying and providing rides is very sweet of you. Enjoy your stay. Lots of love… ❤


  4. Oh crap. Good attitude you have; I’m sure you are disappointed. Stick around, help some others, enjoy! Take care of that foot, too!


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