Lone Wolves and Trail Families – social dynamics on long distance trails

From solo Lone Wolf hikers to Caravans of a dozen, I discuss social dynamics on long distance trails.


PCT Hiking by the numbers

Now that I'm off trail and home for a bit, I've been doing some thinking about the trip as a whole.  People ask me "what was it like?" and I reply, lamely, "awesome."  It's hard to summarize or boil the experience down in a way that doesn't trivialize it, but I'm going to try.  Since … Continue reading PCT Hiking by the numbers

PCT+30 – Recovery

If you're looking for another story of swashbuckling adventure, filled with daring pickup truck hitches, pictures of snowy peaks, and musings on the proper way to eat couscous, this won't be for you.  Old uncle Smokebeard's going to get a little real for a minute.  Here are some thoughts going around in my head as … Continue reading PCT+30 – Recovery

PCT Gear List and Review

A lot of people have asked me about gear - how many pairs of shoes did I go through, did my tent leak, how was my backpack, that sort of thing.  Here's a list of the main pieces, along with some smaller trinkets which helped me along my way.  One thing I discovered during the … Continue reading PCT Gear List and Review

Highlight reel of pictures from my 2018 PCT thruhike

I've put together an admittedly self-indulgent highlight reel of pictures from my hike.  My goal was to do 1 picture per day, but the video would have been more than 10 minutes log; something I think nobody wants to sit through. You may recognize the background music, which I did not write or perform and … Continue reading Highlight reel of pictures from my 2018 PCT thruhike

PCT156 – the Canadian border

(With apologies to Redford and von Sydow)Sep 12We left Harlequin Bridge around 7, and got to High Bridge by 930.Faceplant saw a bald eagle fly slowly down the river here. Dammit!7th National Park.My luck held for almost the entire day, we only had rain for about 10 minutes. Once we were back in the woods, … Continue reading PCT156 – the Canadian border

PCT152 – Stehekin, the end of the road

Short post, more words than pics this time. There's really only so many pictures you can take in 1 day. But its time for some contemplation and a day in the life stuff.I'm at mile 2572, or another way, just 80 miles to go. There's a reroute of 21 miles off trail that will net … Continue reading PCT152 – Stehekin, the end of the road