Flashback – AT99 – March 26

Lost my cheese.  Not like in the book, I actually lost it. 14.2 to Russell Field Shelter.   Got a lift back from Fontana to NC28 from the security guard there at 6am, starting off in the pouring rain.   Waited in the bathroom building until dawn, then hiked over to the Dam.   Somewhere … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – March 26

Flashback – AT99 – March 22

(overall trip mileage is here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16lFn57IGeP09KnCPmpSPyt-2uYJlNwlifZUk2gV1d9k/edit?usp=sharing Wayah Bald.  There's a road and a privy up here, and some trail angel left bananas, potato chips, and Gatorade.  Woo!   Came up to the summit with KC, Woodcutter & QT.   Took a picture, fabulous view.  Allyson is up here, Sausage got a little lost. Damn it … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – March 22

Flashback – AT99 – March 21

3/21 Campsite N of Franklin. Last night I wrote "PLEASE NO RAIN" in my journal.   It started to rain as soon as I closed my eyes.  Happy Spring.  Had I gone to the next shelter, I could have beaten the rain.  But, better for my knee.  5:30 am.  Dark.   No food.  Wet tent. … Continue reading Flashback – AT99 – March 21

Moonlight Hike at Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Had a great time snowshoeing down old farm roads in the Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge in Exeter, RI.    Along with 14 other ramblers and our guide, Laura, did a no-flashlights walk through old farm lands, now reforested, to a large open field.   There we were serenaded by two coyote packs (and one far … Continue reading Moonlight Hike at Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge